System of Natural Healing


No matter where you or your loved ones are!
Energy can also be sent remotely. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are.
You will receive energy from me for an agreed period of time. After the treatment, I will send you feedback from me on my sensations and perceptions and the related topics.
I will also draw cards for you that can serve as inspiration and guide for your current situation.
We make an appointment in advance; it is particularly suitable in the evening before going to bed. You make yourself comfortable at home at the agreed time. Lie down completely relaxed on the sofa or in bed. Retreat to a place of calm where you can be undisturbed. If you like, you can light a candle or turn on an incense stick and relaxing music. It is advisable to shower before the treatment so that you are energetically “fresh”. Please switch off the mobile phone during the treatment (flight mode).
Important: please make sure to drink enough water after the distance reiki. Fernreiki works as intensely as a 1: 1 treatment. Take some time for yourself to reflect and rest.
Remote healing has a great energetic effect. A short treatment time is often enough instead of a long session every few months.
I recommend short time units (20-30 minutes), but at short intervals one after the other (2-3 times a week would be ideal for the beginning).
Please send me a photo of you @ yvette@plimmer.ch as well as your name and your request. I will then email you the customer sheet, which you fill out prior to the treatment.
Excerpt from my Reiki 2 & Fernheil workshop course materials:
Remote Healing, Spiritual Remote Healing “Spiritual Healing” is the ability to send life energy to a person who is not physically present (although local remote healing is also possible)
Distant healing is used in many religious systems. Whether it happens through prayers or good wishes or the healing person is represented by a figurative image.
The power of remote healing to create positive change is tremendous.
Can it work?
In England I helped organize a distance healing group for a little girl who was waiting for a liver transplant. We achieved that the condition of the 3 year old girl “miraculously” improved so that the operation could be carried out.
Here is the report:


16. March 2004
I am writing in respect of Yvette Plimmer in connection with her application for full membership within the UK Reiki Alliance. Yvette has been studying with me for just under a year during which time she has completed first and second degree and is due to take her master Practitioner level. When Yvette took her first degree, it was like „going home“ for her. She made an instant connection and started giving treatments straight away. It wasn’t very long before she took her second degree and hasn’t looked back. I understand she now has a thriving Reiki clinic and I often hear about the wonderful things she is doing for people. I am also impressed that Yvette really takes the time to understand Reiki. Yvette hast also been involved in organising a distance healing group for a 3 year old girl in need of a liver transplant. Through her efforts a group of 20 people came together to send energy to the little girl and her family, all for their highest good. The child has now received her liver and is doing well and her family have taken great comfort from our work.I would therefore fully support her application for full membership and believe that the UK Reiki Alliance would benefit from having Yvette as a member.

Sharon Carrington, MNFRP Usui/Tibetan & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Southampton, England

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Vibrational Frequencies

Thanks to modern research methods, we know that our brain activity has vibrational frequencies that can vary depending on the type of activity.
Since Rupert Sheldrake’s research into the morphogenetic fields, we have known that we send out certain vibration patterns with our thoughts, which an appropriate recipient can pick up.
These vibration patterns can be “transported” independently of the space-time continuum – which is why the “recipient” can feel the effects of the treatment anywhere in the world, while the “sender” is elsewhere.
Fernreiki is a method to send positive, healing, harmony-bringing energies over any distance to any point in the universe, so that they work there for the highest benefit.
Remote treatments can be used once or twice a day for most conditions, or more frequently for more serious disorders.
These methods can also be carried out when the person is present but cannot or does not want to be touched.
They can also be used when the recipient cannot or does not want to sit still.
You can also use it for yourself as an alternative for your self-treatment. “