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Datum: 30.04.2022
Zeit: 16:30 - 19:30


💮 Healing the inner child 💮 Distance healing 💮 Releasing blockages 💮 Clearing the past 💮 Symbols 💮 Creating the future 💮 Vision board 💮 Clearing the room & aura 💮 etc.

Distance Healing & Inner Child with Reiki – Workshop

Subjects included in this workshop are:

– use of the symbols
– reiki bubble, reiki wishing box
– energizing jewellery & stones
– healing for the inner child and past traumas & situations
– distance or absent healing
– use of surrogates and correspondences for distant healing
– sending healing to multi-recipients
– building and programming energy
– sending energy to places, the future and the past
– problem solving using the symbols
– using the symbols with affirmations for self and others

To attend this workshop you have to be attuned into Reiki 2 level minimum.


Yvette Plimmer
Reiki since 2002, Reiki Master &Teacher
Learnt in England and Switzerland
The Reiki School & Health Clinic is in the middle of Affoltern am Albis
Map https://bit.ly/2ESdtm6
by train: Accessible by S5/S14, only a few walking minutes from the train station
by car: Parking possibilities available


• Reiki 1 – Teacher Degree, on site or ONLINE
• Reiki Treatments & Distance Healing
• Reiki Sharing Circle
• Distance Healing, Polarity, Mederi Healing Symbols
• Acupressure couch with infrared heat & chi radiation from the jade stones
• Aura-Soma light & colour therapy
• vegan fresh cosmetics & supplements


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