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Datum: 20.08.2017
Zeit: 10:45 - 17:30

Reiki Healing Gesundheitspraxis


Reiki 2nd level/degree course in English

In second degree, we are introduced to the sacred symbols given to Dr Usui on Mount Kurama.
We learn how to use them in our healing practice and all other areas of our lives, relationships and goals.
We also look at combining affirmations with Reiki to support change.
Distance healing plays an important part of second degree and we learn how to heal others who are absent from us, as well as healing (our own) past traumatic events in this life and past lives and our inner child. This valuable method of healing can also be successfully used to project positive energy into the whole world, also to the future to forthcoming events and goals or to the past for letting go.

Subjects included on a Second Degree workshop:

– 3 of the sacred symbols given to Dr Usui (4th at Master level) with their Mantras and Kotodamas
– activating jewellery, stones etc.
– attunement in 2nd degree
– building and programming energy
– chakra rainbow meditation
– cleansing of houses/rooms/negative energy
– creating your wishing box
– distance or absent healing
– healing your inner child
– healing yourself from distant
– problem solving using the symbols
– reiki bubble & box
– repetition of aura cleansing, scanning, beaming & protection
– sending energy to places, the future and the past
– sending healing to multi-recipients
– use of surrogates and correspondences for distant healing
– use of the symbols
– using the symbols with affirmations for self and others
– working with your personal & powerful affirmation card

Reiki can always be used with or without these symbols.
However, symbols, when activated, do have different vibrations and therefore are useful when giving healing for specific reasons.

Symbols help and teach us how to make better use of the Reiki energy.


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