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Datum: 12.03.2023
Zeit: 16:00 - 21:00

20 Jahre REIKI SCHULE in Zürich & online


Self-healing and self-help using Reiki exercises.
For yourself and others.
The Reiki trainings serve to stabilize and strengthen the mental as well as the physical health, in addition to activating the self-healing powers.
The protection concept and the rules of the meetings are complied with in accordance with the measures taken by the federal government.
When the weather is nice, the training courses take place outside.
If you cannot find a suitable course day or a course is not yet listed, please contact me so that we can find a suitable date together.
Reiki 1 and 2 can be repeated with me for 30% of the course costs, ONLINE schooling is currently 10% cheaper

Reiki Teacher course in English

This course is for those who have completed the 3rd Master’s degree but still are missing the teaching grade.
After this course you will be able to give other people the Reiki initiation and train them in all Reiki degrees according to Mikao Usui (including master / teacher) if you wish to do so.
The course is individually designed and adapted to the needs and desires of the students.
If the weather is nice we’ll spend most time outside in the garden


– Reiki 3
– have received and given at least 3 treatments
– The 4 symbols of Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 must be able to be drawn by heart



⭐Snacks and Drinks 
⭐Reiki Lineage
⭐my  20 yrs of Reiki experience


Yvette Plimmer
Reiki since 2002, Reiki Master &Teacher
Learnt in England and Switzerland

• Reiki 1 – Teacher Degree, on site or ONLINE
• Reiki Treatments & Distance Healing
• Reiki Sharing Circle
• Distance Healing, Polarity, Mederi Healing Symbols
• Acupressure couch with infrared heat & chi radiation from the jade stones
• Aura-Soma light & colour therapy
• vegan fresh cosmetics & supplements @ RINGANA

After Online course:
Thanks for the online course. Although I was a little skeptical in advance whether this would work at all online, I really liked the course.
It was a very positive experience and I have gone one step further.
I am really looking forward to working with myself and then with my clients.
Thank you for your Reiki teaching!  best regards

By the way, I think you do it really, really well with the online course!
I’m glad I met you.
My card topic hit the bull’s eye. I made a decision before the zoom meeting, which would be a fresh start. You gave me a push with the card and now my current education also makes sense.

The Reiki master and teacher course completes the training for me and somehow completes it.
You are a very good teacher and the courses with you are very pleasant and educational!
I already woke up with strong migraine-like headaches on the morning of the course. Nevertheless, I took part in the course, luckily! It didn’t go away all day, but the next day it was gone and has never come again. 🙏🏻 Since the courses, I feel very balanced, calm, somehow arrived and feel a kind of happiness. I finally feel more with me again!
My work colleagues thought I had changed and wanted to know if I had met someone (man). That can still be … 
This weekend I started my training as an animal communicator and I am very happy to have completed the Reiki training first. This now supports me a lot in energy work!
I wish you a nice Sunday, best regards
~ Rebecca 

After Online treatment
First wanted to doze on the balcony in the sun, had to go in after 15 minutes .. my body worked so hard  had to be completely calm. The pulse was very palpable until 10 minutes ago … heart was intense and feet. After that I fell asleep, everything worked oolcool! I am extremely surprised. Dankä villmal 
~ anonymous
There is no alternative to nature 
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CHF 580.00