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Datum: 01.08.2017 - 31.08.2017
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 It’s fresh, it’s hot, it’s summer!

Fresh Summer Specials are waiting for you in August.
Discover a new product for 20% less each day.

Curious about which products will be next?
This remains a well-kept secret. So be sure to check www.ringana.com every day.
Your favourite product just might be available at a great price!

These were some of the dates/sales…:)

11 August  – RINGANA Hand and nail balm
10 August  – RINGANA Exfoliating scrub
9 August – RINGANA Fluid for men
8 August – RINGANA Matcha tea
7 August – RINGANA Tanning Activator & After Sun
6 August – RINGANA CAPS beauty & hair
5 August – RINGANA Tooth oil
4 August – RINGANA PACK cleansing
3 August – RINGANA SPORT go
2 August – RINGANA CAPS move
1 August – RINGANA Body Milk



This is how it works: Search for the current day and click on the number to discover a new product promotion each day. Go ahead and click on the open window to find out more about the discounted product and/or to order it.

The promotion is only valid on the respective day and the discount will not be granted retroactively. As you know, RINGANA offers freshly produced products that come with an expiration date. This is why we think it is only fair to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy our products in the course of the Summer Sale. Therefore, Summer Sale orders are only available in small amounts up to max. 5 pieces. If an order consists of more pieces, it will be automatically reduced to 5. The offers are based on Central European Time. Sets are excluded from this promotion.

Have a look at the complete product range

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the company, please feel free to contact me

I wish you a hot Summer Sale 2017

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