How to order oils

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-25% – How to order you dōTERRA essential oils


Online orders are the best way to get your essential oils as well as other dōTERRA products. You just need to create an account once as a „Vorteilskunde“, to benefit from the wholesale price (25% discount), without any commitments, no minimum order value.

This is how it works, step-by-step:

  1. Click here or type this URL into your browser:
  2. Click on “Registrieren & Sparen“
  3. Choose your country and language
  4. Choose the option “Vorteilskunde”
  5. Put in your personal details
  6. Please check if this number shows in the fields Enroller ID & Sponsor ID: 7805370
  7. Now you’re set up to order. If you decide to get an “Enrolment Kit” with your first order, you won’t have any registration fee, which would be €25.-. The Home Essential Kit would be a great start. However, if you would like to start smaller, I would recommend the Family Essentials + Beadlets. If you decide to go without an Enrolment Kit, please put the “Welcome Pack” into your shopping cart, as this is the registration fee to benefit from the wholesale price.
  8. Done! Complete your order and your first products will soon be with you!

Welcome to my team! Any questions re your account, orders or products, drop me a line, I’m here to help, just click here.

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